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The French are taking over the world!

I have taken my dog craziness to a whole new level and joined a Frenchie meet-up group. The rumour has it the group started 6 years ago with just 12 French Bulldog owners – now they have 850 members, out of which 100-200 meet regularly every month in Regent’s Park.

Monsieur Kronk made his royal appearance along with his human servants Kaisa and Adam. We were made feel very welcome by the event organisers and all the other Frenchie owners and it wasn’t long before we were all fussing over the army of dogs.

There were Frenchies of all shapes, colours and sizes – in fact over a 50 of them!

Cute puppies:

Calm seniors:

The mischievous ones:

Smiley ones:

The one-of-the-lads ones:

Those who were just born to be handsome:

In fact, there were just Frenchies everywhere! The French are taking over the world!

Note that the smiley one is still smiling... Here's a close up:

Hope you enjoyed! :)

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