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In the early days of autumn, I had the pleasure of photographing Kush, an old lady from Walthamstow. Since Kush is a rescue, no one really knows how old she is now, but judging by the greys in her face and stiffness in her joints it is obvious that she is of a respectable age and deserves to spend her golden years being loved and spoiled.

Kush was found tied to a lamp post in the middle of the night 10 years ago. The person who found her waited beside her for a few hours to see if the owner would come back, but no one claimed her. Luckily she was fit and healthy, though she may have had several litters and was probably abandoned at the end of her breeding cycle.

Now Kush has a loving family, warm home and plenty of toys to play with. Although she has got a little slower with age and no longer has the enthusiasm for long walks as she used to, she still enjoys bathing in the sun, treats and belly rubs, chewing sticks in the park, and socialising with children and puppies!

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