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Office Dog Tim

Meet office dog Tim – a 16-month old Schnoodle (poodle and schnauzer cross). Tim has had a part-time office job for about a year now. He has a very important job of looking cute, increasing stress-reducing hormone oxytocin in humans, and therefore creating a calmer and less stressful environment for all his work colleagues. Well really, Tim has his own human too who works there but whose job description is completely different!

I met Tim in Greenwich Park to take a few pictures of his cute self. Having only known him within the office environment where he's incredibly well behaved, I didn't really know what to expect from him in the park. It turned out he wasn't really a fetcher (but it was something he was learning to enjoy). Instead, he was more interested in other dogs, and staying close to his human. He was also incredibly good at posing for photos!

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