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Meet Buffy! Buffy is one of the most well-behaved, obedient and loving dogs I have ever photographed. She’s also incredibly photogenic, and absolutely LOVED posing for the camera. It was such a joy working with her.

Buffy is a rescue dog. One thing that I have noticed about rescue dogs is how appreciative they are of their new homes and owners. They are so full of love and always eager to please their families. I am not saying that the lucky ones who were adopted from a good breeder at a young age and have always been well taken care of don’t love their owners. Of course they do. But they can never be truly thankful for what they’ve got. As wonderful as the “lucky ones” are, there is something special about the gratitude a rescue must feel when he remembers where he started out.

Buffy comes from Israel. Shani, her owner, found Buffy about 5 years’ ago late in the evening on the staircase of her block of flats. She was scared and covered in wounds. Shani decided to take her in for the night, to give her some food, and come up with a plan what to do next. She didn’t have a chip or any other indication that she might have a loving home somewhere. Shani called all the animal shelters she knew, but they were all full. She asked everyone she knew, but no one wanted her. By the looks of it, Buffy had already found a new home. And now, 5 years later, Shani says the decision to keep her was the best decision she had ever made.

Buffy grew to adore her new home and the owner, but like most rescue dogs, she developed separation anxiety. When she was left alone, she would usually seek entertainment from destroying shoes. She also developed an unhealthy appetite for the couch… Shani would’ve never believed that one small dog could do so much damage!

After 5 years life events brought Shani to London. The process of bringing Buffy with her was long and stressful, and involved a lot of tears and frustration, but after a few months she was reunited with her owner.

Buffy has now grown into her newfound freedom and enjoys life to the full. She is more lively, likes to play more, run more, chase squirrels… She totally owns London! She no longer eats shoes and sofas, and is the most obedient little thing I have met. That just means that Shani and Sandor, have done a wonderful job with her. Buffy is still a little nervous about strangers, especially men, but that just reflects her past, and makes her who she is.

We have already got a next photo project in mind – “Small dog in the big city”. Watch this space!

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