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Protesting Dogs

On the 3rd of September Pawsome Pet Photos joined the campaigners, both 2-legged and 4-legged in the March For Europe, a protest in London and other cities across the UK that took place as a result of the UK voting to leave the European Union.

Although the UK’s future is uncertain, these 7 awesome guys weren’t going to sit down quietly. They took their humans to the streets demonstrating their love for Europe.

1) Bear is a 6-year old rescue schnauzer who came down to London to protest all the way from the beautiful coast of Wales.

Bear's love for his human Carl is as big as his love for Europe:

Bear thinks we should stay in Europe, and if this cute face doesn’t melt the hearts of people in power, then I don’t know what does!

2) Alba, the white German Shepherd, turned up in a blue outfit decorated with yellow stars in support of Europe.

Alba is not only a real dog in a real protest trying to make a difference – he also represents a cartoon character fighting for social justice. You can find out more about Alba here.

While all the cameras are pointing at the crowd of humans, Alba struck a lovely pose for me in his lovely homemade EU-outfit.

3) Two year old Sydney is marching proudly for Europe – with a sticker on her forehead!

4) Daffy considers himself a ‘chiranian’ – his owner is Iranian and he himself is a Chihuahua – the best way to describe the bond between him and his human. I didn’t see Daffy during the march, but he was welcoming the crowd of protesters at the Parliament Square.

5) Bertie - A 5-year-old Richmond based Cavapoo:

Bertie was proudly showing off his blue scarf. With everyone wearing blue the idea was to build the most powerful and impactful march imaginable.

6) Maisy is a 10-year old lady, born and bred English who came to protest all the way from Guernsey, the Channel Islands. Maisy is requesting to be called 'Miss Maisy' (well, just because...!) and only agrees to pose in return for treats.

7) And finally, we’ve got Pickle! A 9-year old Black Labrador from Twickenham, who was marching for Europe with a massive smile on her face!

I am sure there were a few more furry 4-legged representatives at the march who I unfortunately didn’t manage to catch, but they all did a great job!

And while the Brexiters and Remainers clashed before reaching the Parliament Square, the dogs were just enjoying the walk.

Peace and love!

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