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Puppy love!

Who wouldn't love puppies! They're cute, cuddly, funny, they smell good, and their paws are way too big for their bodies. A few days ago I had the joy of photographing this cocker spaniel puppy. At a young age of just 11 weeks, he had already mastered the art of posing for the camera. Well, for a split second at least... Photographing a puppy has its own challenges - they move constantly and quickly, the word 'obedience' is just a foreign term for them and they have a concentration span of a two-year-old. But they're also young and curious and get fascinated by anything new: new smells, noises, people, other dogs, discovering things they didn't know they can do: barking, digging, sitting down and looking cute in exchange for a treat... which will give you plenty of opportunities to get a few good snaps.

Oh, and his name is Thor!

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